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THE 10 BEST Gibraltar Tours

Looking for alternative new Gibraltar Tours on your next holiday in Gibraltar? Look no further!

Now a powerful Online Gambling business centre and future E-Currency Hub, Gibraltar is also very popular as a tourist destination. This is because the Rock was the Pillars of Hercules of the ancient Greeks as it marked the mythical god’s conquest and the western boundary of their world. Consequently, Gibraltar was also vital in the launch of the Moorish Empire into Iberia in 711AD. Most recently, Gibraltar was then conquered by the Spanish during the ‘Reconquista’ and then ultimately conquered by the British in 1704, which it has remained to date.

All of the above has been attributed to Gibraltar’s rich history and tourist currency. Gibraltar Tourist product offers the usual Rock Tours, Dolphin Trips and visit the Gibraltar Monkeys. Nevertheless, new rock tours are always adding additional excursions and activities for visitors.

Below is a TOP 10 list of new Gibraltar Tours for 2022 in no particular order.


Tapas Run

This is tour is only exclusively available via Victory Tours Gibraltar.

This gastronomic tour is specifically designed to promote Gibraltar’s gastronomic culture to visitors. This tour will also introduce you to local favourite dishes and venues.

Under the safe hands of your guide, you will visit 3/4 different venues and have the pleasure to taste some of their succulent dishes. Moreover, the selected dishes have been pre-selected for your Tapas Run and quality tested….on numerous times! Furthermore, the Tapas Run Tour has also been internationally mentioned in Conde Nast Traveller Magazine.

Gibraltar Tours
Hacienda Patagonica – One of the venues in the Tapas Run

Included on the food tour is:

  • 8 Tapas
  • 1 small beer or glass of wine at each venue
  • an official local guide
  • Quality food and drinks guaranteed

Note that this tour is not suitable for Vegans or Vegetarians. Nevertheless this tour is Accessibility Friendly.


Gibraltar Gin Experience

Love Gin? Then do we have a tour for you!

Come and taste the Plymouth Style Navy strength Gin on the “Gibraltar Gin Experience ” along with 5 other Gins and some interesting and fun facts of Gibraltar’s Gin history.

Furthermore, the tour will enlighten your knowledge of gin and how it is has been linked to Gibraltar’s rich history. Learn how George’s Lane was first cited in the records soon after 1704 when the British and the Dutch took possession of the Rock, emboldened by their ration of “Dutch courage” aka Gin

Gibraltar Gin ExperienceAfter learning how the botanicals are combined to create our Campion London Dry Gin, the tour will progress to all fun Gin Tasting.

Therefore, on termination of the tour, you will better appreciate the art of the Distiller and enjoy your Gin even more in the future.

To book this tour click here

Bonus: 25% discount on all Gins after the Tour


Ghost Tours

Do you love History and the Unexplained?? Then look no further and join this Paranormal Tour. Definitely not for the faint-hearted, these tours include the participation of a spiritual medium and a historian.

Your Paranormal Team consists of an official guide and Samantha Jayne Donbavand (well known Spiritual Medium). Samantha took part in 3 seasons of GBC Ghost Trail. A gifted Medium with a wealth of experience has answered the calling to be your medium and protector on this tour

Therefore, if you are looking for something different on your Gibraltar Holidays, join them on Gibraltar’s scariest tour…book here now!


Parson’s Lodge Battery Tour

Exclusive Tour provided by Victory Tours in conjunction with the Gibraltar National Museum.

Parson’s Lodge Battery covers the entrance to Rosia Bay, which in fact is Gibraltar’s only natural harbour. Defending the southern area had been identified as a key element in defending Gibraltar from invasions throughout the years.

Gibraltar Tours
Parson’s Lodge Battery

Parson’s Lodge has played key roles in several parts of Gibraltarian history.

Meanwhile in the 1700s, cannons in the battery destroyed ships in order to defend Gibraltar, especially during the Great Siege. As warfare technology advanced throughout history, Parsons Lodge Battery also had to update its defences and weaponry.

Therefore, make sure not to miss the opportunity to Parson’s Lodge Battery on your next visit to Gibraltar.


Art Walking Tour

Gibraltar has a great historic art culture that dates back to the 19th Century when local artists became internationally recognised for their artwork and vision.

Some of the famous local artists go by the name of Gustavo Bacarisas, Jacob Azagury, Rudesindo Mannia, Leni Mifsud, Elio Cruz and Mario Finlayson.

Presently, some of the most recent international accolades for local artists was attributed to Christian Hook. Hook in 2014 won the Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year contest with a portrait of Alan Cumming.

Gibraltar Art Tours
Gibraltar Art Walking Tours

Gibraltar enjoys Four Art Exhibition Galleries, namely the Fine Arts Gallery, The GEMA Gallery, The Gustavo Bacarisas Gallery and the Mario Finlayson National Art Gallery.

Additionally, Gibraltar also has various Exhibition Venues that are accessible to the public, namely The John Macintosh Hall Exhibition Hall and Sacarello’s Coffee Shop

Go on the Gibraltar Art Tours and visit all four galleries and various Street Art and Exhibition points of interest.


Wine & Food Pairing Experience

On this new tour, Victory Tours has teamed up with My Wines Ltd in order to deliver this exclusive Wine and Food Pairing Experience.

Presently, My Wines Ltd one of the most iconic local restaurants and its simply it’s where Wine, Food & Friends come together!

Ultimately, as a Wine Boutique they have Gibraltar’s largest selection of Wines and a Walk Through Wine list for those seeking exploring fascinating new wines.


  • 3 generous glasses of specially selected wines
  • Finger Food Snacks (including a cheese and quality Iberian ham)
  • Brief wine explanation by waiters
  • Detailed Written explanation of the wines.

Click here to ultimately book your Wine & Food Pairing Experience.


Places of Worship

This is a bespoke package only available on Victory Tours Gibraltar.

During this tour, our Historian will take you to witness various different places of worship. Furthermore, you will understand the religious diversity in Gibraltar and how we live and accept each faiths in a peaceful and empathetic manner. Uniquely, in relation to faith cohabitation per square mile, Gibraltar is an example to follow.

You will start of visiting the following locations within Town:

  • King’s Chapel
  • Cathedral of St. Mary the Crowned (Roman Catholic)
  • Holy Trinity (Church of England)
  • Synagogue (Jewish) – pending availability
  • Hindu Temple (Pending availability)
  • Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque
  • Shrine of our Lady of Europe

NOTE: Women will need to wear appropriate clothing and head coverings when entering certain places of worship.


Pub Crawl Tour

This History Pub Tour is Gibraltar’s ultimate bar-hopping experience. Get to learn about Gibraltar’s history as well as visiting the most iconic pubs in town.

Gibraltar Pub Crawl Tour
Lord Nelson Bar – One of the venues on the Pub Crawl History Tours

Visiting the following pubs:

  • All’s Well – (learn about the Great Siege…the longest siege in British History)
  • Lord Nelson – (learn about the Battle of Trafalgar…the famous battle of Admiral Nelson)
  • Gibraltar Arms – (learn about our Military Arms)
  • Angry Friar – (learn about the Franciscan Monks…and the Spanish occupation)


  • Half a pint at each venue (Seating will depend on availability)
  • Local Guide providing a detailed historical explanation of the significance of each venue and how these relate to our history
  • Great time guaranteed!

Book this amazing experience here now!


VIP Ultimate Gibraltar Tour

On this Exclusive VIP Experience, your VIP Driver will collect you from your selected destination to then be taken up the Upper Rock onboard a Luxury Hired Vehicle. To begin with,  you will start the VIP Rock Tour by visiting the Pillars of Hercules and St. Michael’s Cave before the commencement of the blockbuster tour…

You will then be one of the lucky 30 individuals a year, to visit the Secret WWII Cave located at O’Hara’s Battery, known locally as “The Stay Behind Cave“.

Gibraltar VIP Services
Exclusive VIP Experience Gibraltar

You will then be treated to a VIP 4 Course Meal at the Top of the Rock followed by a 4 hour luxury yacht ride with gourmet finger foods and drinks.

Click Here to enquire about availability of Gibraltar’s most expensive VIP Tour


Med Steps Tours

This is a 3 hour Private Guided Tour that will enlighten your mindset and also create a sense of achievement after we reach the summit.

Mediterranean Steps
Mediterranean Steps Guided Tour

This tour will enlighten your mindset and also create a sense of achievement after we reach the summit. Tour starts at Jews Gate in the Nature Reserve, therefore getting a taxi is recommended.

Book here to start your next adventure!

  • Meet at Jew’s Gate
  • Mediterranean Steps
  • O’Hara’s Battery
  • Douglas Path
  • Skywalk
  • Signal Station Road
  • Martin’s Path
  • Jew’s Gate

NOTE: Difficulty Level – Very High– Participants are advised that the trail/steps is 1,800 meters and is physically demanding. Therefore, trainers are mandatory and it is advisable the you bring along plenty of water and sun cream in Summer. Participants suffering from Heart or Breathing conditions or vertigo are not allowed to participate.

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