Boat Trips in Gibraltar


As a peninsular, Gibraltar has numerous water sport activities for visitors to enjoy; however, make sure to experience some boat trips in Gibraltar

Ranging from Dolphin and Whale Watching trips to Fishing and Luxury Charter rentals, the article below will aid you with which boat trip to book.

Dolphin Adventure Gibraltar

Don’t know what to do in Gibraltar during your stay? Travelling with children? A dolphin safari adventure is a great family sightseeing outing. 

This dolphin safari is simply the best way to see Gibraltar’s dolphins in the wild. Embrace meeting the dolphins whilst appreciating the stunning views of The Rock of Gibraltar, Spain and North Africa.

Gibraltar is globally famous for its resident pool of wild dolphins, with dolphins relying on the Bay and Straits of Gibraltar for food, shelter and breeding.

Types of Dolphins you will see:

Gibraltar has the pleasure to enjoy sharing our waters with three different dolphin species. Both the smaller species co-exist and tend to enjoy their presence and thrive together, whilst they tend to avoid the large Bottlenose Species. 

Common Dolphin

As the name suggests, this is the most common species that most often get to see. They have fascinating markings, with dark brown back and dorsal fin, which contrasts with their pale yellow patch at the front of their body.

Boat trips in Gibraltar
Common Dolphin in Gibraltar

They grow up to 2.5 meters in length and weigh between 80 and 150 kilos. They are naturally curious and friendly, often swimming up close to boats to interact with passengers.


Striped Dolphin

The Striped dolphin has different markings to the Common Dolphin. The striped dolphin has a two-tone grey colour with white stripes sweeping down either side of their bodies. Striped dolphins grow to the same size as their Common cousins.

Striped Dolphins
Striped Dolphins in Gibraltar

Not as conditioned to human interaction as the Common dolphins, the Striped dolphins are still very friendly and curious. The Striped dolphin frequently enjoys aquatics, leaping, jumping and surfing behaviours which is always a favourite to passengers onboard Dolphin Trips.


Bottlenose Dolphin

The Bottlenose is the largest of all the species, they are twice the size of the common and striped. It is usual for the smaller species to avoid the area when the bottlenose are around, although the reason why is not fully understood.

It is suspected that the Bottlenose may bully the smaller species, or that the bottlenose hunt for bigger fish which in turn disturb the hunting pattern of the smaller dolphin species.

Gibraltar Dolphin Tour

Various companies organise dolphin trips or whale watching tours. All provide excellent service and a money-back guarantee if you do not get to see any dolphins during your trip. Click here to book your Dolphin Adventure

Dolphin Trip

Great for family trips

£ 20*
  • Specialised Service
  • Various outings
  • See the dolphins guaranteed
on demand

Gibraltar Luxury Boat Charters

Boat Trips on luxury yachts has become a trend experience in Gibraltar. 

Enjoy a private hire of a  luxury yacht, some food/snacks, and premium service with every private charter. Get to see the picturesque views of the Bay of Gibraltar in luxury and tranquillity on your private luxury yacht for the day.

Some of the boat trips also have water sports equipment, such as snorkelling, stand up paddle or dinghies. Enjoy a 2 hour, 3 hours 5 hour or full-day rental of a luxury yacht for you and your loved ones. 


The Muse – Motor Boat

Gibraltar Boat Trips
The Muse Luxury Boat Charter in Gibraltar

Begin every charter with a “Welcome Aboard” champagne toast.

Enjoy wine, beer and soft drinks throughout your day at sea. Each charter comes with canapés and finger food that we will customise to fit your taste! You will have up to 30 nautical miles of cruising and two crew members to look after you whilst at sea.

They can host up to 10 guests. 

The spacious Italian luxury motor yacht brings you the perfect stage to make the Mediterranean your playground.

For bookings less than 24hours notice, please get in touch with us on 00350 54086059


Starlet of Dover – Sailing Vessel

Gibraltar Boat Trips
Starlet of Dover Luxury Sailing Charter in Gibraltar

Come onboard a luxury Sailing Yacht and experience the sea and surrounding areas of the Bay of Gibraltar on this gorgeous vessel.  Max 6 PAX

Included in the price is:

  • Sailing in the bay of Gibraltar, with optional swim stop,
  • light refreshments,
  • thrilling views of the Bay of Gibraltar
  • fun activities 

All equipment is included, including all safety equipment; bring towels, sun cream, flat-soled non-marking shoes (bare feet is excellent) and warm clothes to cover up. It can be colder at sea.

A safety brief and orientation are given before leaving the dock, and a health declaration form with passport details to be filled in before leaving our berth. 

For bookings less than 24hours notice, please get in touch with us on 00350 54086059

Luxury Motor Boats

Begin every charter with a “Welcome Aboard” champagne toast.

£ 850*
  • 2 hours trips
  • 3 hours trip
  • 6 hours trip

Luxury Sailing Boats

Come on board our luxury Sailing Yacht and experience the sea and sun

£ 695*
  • Half Day trips
  • Full Day Trips
  • Overnight Stays

Fishing Trips in Gibraltar

Fishing Trips in Gibraltar is a great way to spend the day with family and friends. 

Enjoy Fishing for bluefin tuna, mackerel, bream, bonito and tunny (when in season) on this Fishing Trip.  Witness the fabulous rich waters of the Bay of Gibraltar and troll along the international coastline. 

Equipment is included on the fishing tours,  and they will teach you the different fishing techniques, including the use of feather lures, baited hooks and inshore trolling.

This Fishing Trip is also child friendly, meaning they are great for family outings with kids! Make unforgettable memories with loved ones on board our fishing trips.  

Bashing /Bottom Fishing

Fish for mackerel, bream, bonito & tunny

£ 55
per person
  • All equipment included
  • Quality bait included
  • Official charter

Hook and Cook Fishing Trip

You catch it, we cook it!

£ 71 50
per person
  • All equipment included
  • Quality bait included
  • Official charter

Mackerel Fishing

Great way to teach the kids to fish!

£ 44
per person
  • All equipment included
  • Quality bait included
  • Official charter

Bluefin Tuna

Fish for big game

£ 330
from for 8PAX
  • All equipment included
  • Quality bait included
  • Official charter

Boats for sale in Gibraltar

Looking into buying a holiday boat or a maritime investment? Below are two websites that specialise in helping individuals sell and buy motor/sailing boats in Gibraltar.

Boatshed Gibraltar

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