Lower St. Michael's Cave

One of the must things to do in Gibraltar. Make sure not to leave before going on our Lower St. Michael’s Cave. Get to visit the best touristic attraction Gibraltar has to offer! 

Experience the amazing Lower St. Michael's Cave

Lower St. Michael's Cave

Lower St. Michael’s Cave is one of the biggest highlights of holidaymakers. 

Lower St. Michael’s Cave was discovered by accident in 1942 by the Royal Engineers whilst they were trying to make an alternative exit to St. Michael’s Cave (the Main Cave) during WWII. 

The extraordinary beautiful features of the cavern cannot be understated. The cavern feature includes red, grey, and white stalactite columns, which resembles a cathedral.

The extraordinary features of the cave do not end here.

The cavern further amazes us with the size of its main chambers and the profusion and variety of calcite formations. The blockbusting feature is the crystal clear lake measuring nearly forty yards long and holding 45,000 gallons.

Lower St. Michael’s Cave now entertains thousands of tourists visiting Gibraltar every year and is one of the most thought off attractions in the Upper Rock. 

The fascinating feature of Lower St. Michael’s Cave is that it is still an alive cave (it is still alive and forming) due to the concurrent water filtering through the rock and into the cavern. 

Gather a group of 5 and witness a lifetime experience inside the fascinating world of Lower St. Michael’s Cave. 

Lower Saint Michael’s Cave Tour

For those interested in exploring Lower Saint Michael’s Cave, a guided tour of the lower caves will undoubtedly leave you breathless! The Lower Caves are a fantastic find that was only made during WWII.

The fact that Lower St. Michael’s Cave is home to many of the known speleological formations adds to its amazing distinctiveness. These spectacular natural cave formations include stalagmites, stalactites, rim stones, helictites, and columns, to mention a few.
The natural craftsmanship of the cavern is unrivalled. On one of the caves, its gleaming stalactites and columns mimic a church, complete with pulpit, chancel, and organ pipes.

Lower St. Michael's Cave

Gather a group of 5 and witness a lifetime experience inside the fascinating world of Lower St. Michael’s Cave. 

If it isn’t enough to persuade you to pay a visit, there is also a 37-meter-long natural lake with 200, litres of crystal-clear water!

Lower St. Michael’s Cave has been beautifully kept and is still mostly in its natural condition today. Only a few ropes and lights have been erected in the lower caverns for safety reasons, assisting tourists as they climb and shuffle over the rocks. 

On that point, it is recommended that visitors wear casual clothing and a good pair of shoes or boots, ideally with non-slip bottoms, when exploring these caverns. You will surely doubt be pleased to learn that photography is permitted, so bring your camera along.

Access to Lower Saint Michael’s Cave is only through arrangement, which is very important to avoid disappointment later on. In fact, three days notice is required for reservations, so please make your reservations as soon as possible.

These specialized guided excursions may be booked for groups of up to twelve individuals, with a minimum of five persons and a maximum of twelve. Please keep in mind that owing to the nature of this trip, children under the age of 10 are not authorized. The trip lasts around three hours on average, however, this might vary significantly.

Tour T&C 

People are advised to wear appropriate closed gripped shoes and casual clothing. Group sizes range from a maximum of ten and a minimum of five. Children under ten are not allowed to participate in this tour. Activity includes rope climbing sliding slippery cave surfaces, and you will not come out dry; it’s great fun!  A very good level of fitness is required, and there are strict Terms & Conditions that must be met for your safety.

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