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Things to do in Gibraltar – Discover the BEST exclusive tours

There is an abundance of things to do in Gibraltar. The exotic land of Gibraltar is a marvel to witness. Furthermore, this small territory is packed with experiences and adventure for the soul. Equally, there are different things to do in the Rock of Gibraltar that will fill your heart with joy. Starting from whale watching to suspension bridges, you get to see it all. Gibraltar is a British overseas territory since the 1700s.

It is a gorgeous little peninsula on the border of Spain jutting into the Mediterranean Sea. Barely 6.7-kilometre squares in area, Gibraltar has two coasts- the east and the west. You can find different activities to do in Gibraltar on both of the coasts. So read on to find out what the best things to do in Gibraltar are.

Gibraltar things to do

#1 Visit Europa Point

Europa Point is the southern-most part of Gibraltar. It has several attractions that get you hooked. Visiting Europa Point is one of the favourite things to do in Gibraltar for tourists. Furthermore, here you can see the Trinity Lighthouse. This lighthouse serves the traffic between the Mediterranean Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean that flows through the Strait of Gibraltar within 27km. It dates back to the 1800s and stands 49m above sea level. Additionally, the other things to see here are the Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque, Shrine of Our Lady of Europe, Harding Battery, and the Sikorski Memorial.

Things to do in Gibraltar
Trinity Lighthouse in Europa Point in the Rock of Gibraltar

Visit Europa Point on a Gibraltar Rock Tour with Victory Tours and just relax on our luxury air-conditioned vehicles.

 #2 Go Dolphin Chasing and Whale watching

One of the favourite things to do in Gibraltar is spotting Dolphins and Whales. These beautiful creatures are found in the Mediterranean area together with other marine species such as turtles and tunas. They visit the Bay of Gibraltar which is 100 per cent their natural habitat. It is close to their breeding ground. You will find different types of Dolphins like Bottle-nose dolphins and Striped dolphins. Watch them dive in the blue waters and catch fish with a jump into the air. 

The best time to spot them is between November and January. But you can generally find them all year round. In fact, if you also wanna see whales, you must plan a trip during July-August. Furthermore, this is the season when Killer Whales are most common. Other types of whales found here include Humpback Whales, Pilot Whales, and Sperm Whales. Just book a Dolphin Trip from Marina Bay. You will go for a 1-1.5hr ride to see these beautiful creatures with a scenic view of the Rock of Gibraltar.

Things to do in Gibraltar
Dolphin trips in the Bay of Gibraltar

If you would like to go on a Whole or Dolphin Trip, can do so by booking online with Victory Tours. 

#3 See the Gibraltar National Museum

If you are someone who is intrigued by history and culture, one of the most interesting activities to do in Gibraltar is to visit the Gibraltar National Museum. This was established in 1930. Moreover, the museum hosts several things talking about the history of this ancient rock of Gibraltar. Additionally, it also has rare remains of the Moorish Bath House belonging to the 14th century. Other things to see are Neanderthal skulls (early humans). There are fourteenth-century artefacts and indigenous bird skins of Gibraltar. You can take a guided tour to understand the details. Experience the history of the ancient wars and the Great Siege of Gibraltar.

Things to do in Gibraltar
The first ever Neanderthal Skull was discovered in Gibraltar in 1848


#4 Scuba Diving

Did you know that you can do Scuba Diving in Gibraltar? Dive into the adventurous and deep oceans of Gibraltar. The merging of the Mediterranean and Atlantic waters creates an intense diversity of aquatic life near Gibraltar. Moreover, you can find natural reefs, rays, octopuses, bass, boxfish, eels, cuttlefish, mullets, and more. There are also dive spots today which contain artificially created reefs with shipwrecks. It will be a super cool experience for you. There is a beautiful underwater experience with artefacts, caverns, and marine life. Whether you are a new diver or an advanced one, you will find good spots here. You can also get a scuba certification in Gibraltar.

Things to do inGibraltar
Scuba Diver in one of the wrecks in Gibraltar


#5 Meet the Gibraltar Monkeys

This is the of the most peculiar things to do in Gibraltar. As a matter of fact, the Rock of Gibraltar is famous for monkeys called the Barbary Macaques. These exotic species are native to North Africa and have migrated decades ago to Gibraltar. They are believed to have been imported as pets during the Moorish Occupation of Gibraltar. The Gibraltar monkeys are iconic to Gibraltar. There are traditional beliefs that, as long as they exist, the Rock of Gibraltar shall remain under the British. Gibraltar monkeys also appear in the coins of the region.

The Gibraltar Monkeys who originate from Morocco are a sight to witness. Meet them when you explore the place. You can also click pictures. But remember not to harass them in their habitat. If you want to interact with them from up close, do so with respect. The best way to experience this would be to meet the troop of Gibraltar monkeys of Queen’s Gate at the Ape’s Den.

Things to do in Gibraltar
Barbary Macaques in the Gibraltar Nature Reserve

There are various ways in which you can visit the monkeys in the rock. Moreover, choose from a Rock Tour or Specialised Monkey Tour to get to meet & greet our famous monkeys.

#6 Explore the Upper Rock Nature Reserve

The Upper Rock Nature Reserve is one of the biggest crowd-pullers to the Rock of Gibraltar. Perched at 420m above sea level, it is home to numerous indigenous birds and animals of the Rock of Gibraltar. Additionally, if you are a nature-lover, this is one of the best things to do in Gibraltar. In fact, you can also find the Gibraltar monkeys here, in addition to spot foxes and European Rabbits. There are approximately 311 species of birds found here. Notably, the Golden Eagles, Herons, Egrets, Flamingos, Stork, Eurasian Buzzards, and Black Vultures. Furthermore, the flora is also worth experiencing. You can walk among Sea Lavenders, Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Thyme, and Chickweed. Do not miss this place on your trip to Gibraltar.

Things to do in Gibraltar
Gibraltar Nature Reserve

Start your adventure up the Nature Reserve by joining one of the Upper Rock Walking Tours or booking a Rock Tour.

#7 Climb the Mediterranean Steps

The Mediterranean Steps of Gibraltar offer another unique activity. These steps were built in the 18th century to serve the British Army. They take you from the top of the Rock of Gibraltar to the bottom. Therefore, if you are an adventurous person, this should be on the top of your list of things to do in Gibraltar. Furthermore, you will get to experience some breathtaking views. 

You will get to see rare wildflowers on your way, and may even catch a glimpse of an exotic bird called the Barbary Partridge. Not just that, the fauna just increases downhill. Additionally, you may see Seagulls, Black Vultures, Blue Rock Thrush, Egyptian Vulture, and more. Pass through the Twin Caves while on the hike and witness some pre-historic history. These stairs start at the entrance of Upper Rock Nature Reserve and run for 1800m. In case, you have vertigo, then consider foregoing this activity.

Things to do in Gibraltar
Spectacular views from the Mediterranean Steps

Explore the breath-taking views, and learn about the history of the area with an official guide on an official Mediterranean Steps Tour

#8 Visit the Catalan Bay Village

Catalan Bay is a beach in between the East and West of Gibraltar. The beach and village here are beautiful and worth visiting. The settlement here has existed since the 1600s. It used to be a fishing village predominantly occupied by fishermen. You will get to taste great seafood here. Touring this beautiful place is ranks high among the things to do in Gibraltar. Enjoy this colourful place. While you are at it, also visit the Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church.

Things to do in Gibraltar
Catalan Bay Village

Experience the rich history and culture of this small village on a tour of Catalan Bay

#9 Walk on the Windsor suspension bridge

The Windsor suspension bridge is a 71m long bridge with spectacular views of the Strait of Gibraltar. It is an architectural marvel and a great viewpoint. Hanging over a 50m deep gorge, the suspension bridge is definitely a thrilling walk. Visit it on your trip to the Upper Rock Nature Reserve.

Things to see Gibraltar
Windsor Bridge in Gibraltar

Start your adventure up the Nature Reserve by joining one of the Upper Rock Walking Tours or booking a Rock Tour.

Now that you have a good idea about the best activities to do in Gibraltar, you are all set to plan a trip. Though a small place, Gibraltar will leave you awestricken by its natural beauty. So go ahead and set foot on this gorgeous rock.

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