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Gibraltar Historic Shore Excursion


If you like adventure, this tour is for you! Explore St Michael's cave, visit the Top of The Rock to see the monkeys, explore The Skywalk and take in the views, explore The Great Siege Tunnels, walk in the footsteps of Churchill in the WWII Tunnels!

Gibraltar Shore Excursion for History Lovers!

Gibraltar Shore Excursion for History Lovers!

Gibraltar Historic Shore Excursion

Gibraltar Tours
  • Pillars of Hercules

  • St Michael's Cave

  • Top of the Rock Monkeys

  • Skywalk Glass Viewing Platform

  • The Great Siege Tunnels

  • World War II Tunnels

Embark on an unforgettable journey through time with this Gibraltar shore excursion, crafted especially for cruise ship passengers eager to delve into the depths of history. Nestled at the crossroads of Europe and Africa, this iconic destination boasts a tapestry of captivating tales waiting to be unraveled. Prepare to be enthralled as you traverse through ancient myths, breathtaking natural wonders, and enduring legacies.

View from Pillars of Hercules - Gibraltar Shore Excursion

Begin your odyssey at the legendary Pillars of Hercules, where myth and history intertwine. These imposing cliffs stand as guardians of the Strait of Gibraltar, a passage shrouded in ancient lore!

Gibraltar Shore Excursion - St Michaels Cave

Venture deeper into the heart of Gibraltar, where St. Michael's Cave awaits, a natural wonder steeped in mystery and enchantment. Marvel at the intricate limestone formations that adorn this cavernous realm, while tales of ancient rites and ceremonies weave a spellbinding narrative.

Gibraltar Shore Excursion - Gibraltar Monkeys

No journey to Gibraltar would be complete without encountering its most mischievous residents—the Barbary macaque monkeys at the top of The Rock. As you wander by the Ape's Den keep your eyes peeled for these playful primates, known locally as "Barbary apes."

Gibraltar Shore Excursion - The Great Siege Tunnels

Delve into the depths of history as you explore the Great Siege Tunnels, a testament to Gibraltar's resilience in the face of adversity. Step back in time to the 18th century, when these tunnels served as a strategic stronghold during the epic Great Siege. Immerse yourself in the tales of valiant defenders and dramatic battles that shaped Gibraltar's storied past.

Gibraltar Shore Excursion - Gibraltar World War II Tunnels

For a glimpse into more recent history, descend into the World War II tunnels, a network of underground passages that once housed soldiers and secrets alike. Trace the footsteps of wartime heroes as you uncover stories of courage and sacrifice, etched into the very walls of these historic tunnels.

Gibraltar Shore Excursion

Embark on a shore excursion like no other, where history comes alive amidst the stunning vistas of Gibraltar's shores. Whether you're a seasoned explorer or a curious traveler, let Gibraltar's rich tapestry of experiences captivate your imagination and leave an indelible mark on your journey through the ages.

(Prices shown for a group of 8)