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Gibraltar Tours

Gibraltar Dolphin Tours


Meet and greet the Gibraltar Dolphins and get to see up to three different dolphin species on our Gibraltar Dolphin Trip. Enjoy all the marine life the Bay of Gibraltar has to offer!

£25.00 per person

Unforgettable Dolphin Experience in Gibraltar

Unforgettable Dolphin Experience in Gibraltar

Meet the Gibraltar Dolphins

Gibraltar Tours

Gibraltar Dolphin Trips are one of the must-do activities when visiting Gibraltar.

To ensure the best possible experience, merge this with a visit to the Upper Rock and Barbary Macaques.

Get to meet and greet up to three different dolphin species on your dolphin trip. The three species in Gibraltar Waters are the Common, Bottled Nose and Striped Dolphin.

All our Dolphin Charters are designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Marine biologists will also provide you with the most accurate information about the marine wildlife on the Bay of Gibraltar.

Gibraltar Dolphin Behaviours


Bow-riding is the most common behaviour usually seen onboard our dolphin trips. This behaviour is when the dolphins get close to the vessel to interact with the waves playfully. The Dolphin pods typically do this to enhance their bond as a pod and strengthen their muscles. However, this is usually joyful and playful behaviour.

Tail Slapping

The dolphins use this behaviour to communicate with other members of the pod. This is usually done when the dolphin is swimming upside down.

The dolphins flick their tails on the water to make the desired vibrations that other dolphins will interpret.

The theory is that dolphins use this method to distract calves that could have been disturbed by passing vessels. This is a reassurance communication tool.


This behaviour is when the dolphin is seen racing out of the water vertically. The Dolphins are accustomed to vessels, so this is one of their preferred party tricks to get their attention.

A breach may be full-bodied or partial and is considered a social, playful and communication behaviour.

Breaching is also considered a behaviour that reinforces relationships between pod members and improves communication and muscles.