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Gibraltar Tours

Gold Rock Tour


Our Gibraltar Gold Rock Tour includes extra locations to explore such as Europa Point (most southernly point of Gibraltar), The 100 Ton Gun and also allows you to venture inside The Moorish Castle and learn the history! We also explore the Top of The Rock to see the Monkeys, St Michael's Cave and the 18th century Great Siege Tunnels!

A Gibraltar Tour Full of Attractions!

A Gibraltar Tour Full of Attractions!

Gibraltar Gold Rock Tour

Gibraltar Tours
  • The 100 Ton Gun (Napier of Magdala Battery)

  • Europa Point (Lighthouse, Sikorski Memorial, Gun Battery, Views to Africa)

  • St Michael's Cave

  • Top of the Rock Monkeys

  • Skywalk Glass Viewing Platform

  • The Great Siege Tunnels

  • The Moorish Castle

Children 5yrs and under join for free!

Over and above the Silver Rock Tour, the Gold Tour has 6 stops to experience the major tourist attractions on The Rock! From the most southernly point with views to Africa, to the highest point at the top!

Gibraltar Tours 100 Ton Gun

The 100 Ton Gun

The late 1800's saw 4 of these giants built by the naval authorities of Britain, with a view to securing their holdings. 2 were built for Gibraltar, while another 2 were built for Malta.

Gibraltar Tours Europa Point

Europa Point

Situated at the most southern point of Gibraltar, is where the Europa Point Lighthouse can be found along with spectacular views across The Straits of Gibraltar into Northern Africa, Morocco.

Gibraltar Tours St Michael's Cave

St Michael's Cave

Next we'll drive up to explore St Michael's Cave! This is an amazing, natural, phenomenon which sees thousands of visitors a year wandering through its huge caverns.

Top of The Rock!

After this your private tour guide will drive you to The Top of the Rock where you will see breathtaking views of Gibraltar. Here we will spend some time with our famous Monkeys up close. You'll see them play together, where they eat, groom each other, and if you're lucky.. one might climb on your back making for some unique photo opportunities!

Gibraltar Tours - Skywalk

Skywalk Glass Viewing Platform

At The Top of the Rock you'll also be able to experience the Skywalk Glass Viewing Platform. Inaugurated by Star Wars star Mark Hamill, you'll be standing on sea-through glass above a huge drop admiring the east-side views of Gibraltar.

 Gibraltar Tours - The Great Siege Tunnels

The Great Siege Tunnels!

From there we will drive to the north side of the Rock to visit the Great Siege Tunnels, something not to be missed! This site explains a lot of the history of Gibraltar under siege in the 18th century. The tunnels are full of tales from the historic wars and information on how the tunnels were carved out and the stories behind the people involved in their use.


The Moorish Castle

The construction of which was commenced in the 8th century AD (possibly AD 711) but there is no record of when it was completed. Its walls enclose a considerable area reaching down to Town. The Tower of Homage is the highest tower of the period of Islamic rule in the Iberian Peninsula, and the Qasbah of the Castle is the largest in the area. The Castle itself played a prominent part in the Muslim invasion of the Iberian Peninsula. Part of the castle itself housed the prison of Gibraltar until the prison was relocated in 2010.