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The Great Siege Tunnels

The most impressive defence system devised by man?

18th Century Defences within The Rock of Gibraltar

Immersive lightshow in a spectacular setting

The Great Siege Tunnels, Gibraltar

Gibraltar Tours

One of the biggest and most popular attractions in Gibraltar are The Great Siege Tunnels! This attraction is available on all of our Rock Tours in Gibraltar.

The Great Siege of Gibraltar was an attempt by France and Spain to capture Gibraltar from Great Britain. Construction of the tunnels was ordered due to the defending garrison's need to cover a blind angle on the north-east side of the Rock.

The Great Siege Tunnels - Gibraltar Tours

The work was carried out by hand, mainly using sledgehammers and crowbars, aided by gunpowder blasts. Total construction length of the tunnels by the end of 1783 was approximately 908 feet (277m).

The Great Siege Tunnels exhibition allows you to step back in history and experience the tunnels for yourself. Explore St George’s Hall with the cannons and soldiers working the defences. Experience the stories of the times with the interactive buttons and audio as you travel down inside. You'll see from the hollowed out windows the view of the Northern side of Gibraltar. The Tunnels are full of history, from military history to the engineering methods of the 18th century, to it’s modernisation and transition.

The Great Siege Tunnels - Gibraltar Tours

Outside The Great Siege Tunnels, you’ll also enjoy the viewing platform of the Northern side of Gibraltar, with a full view of the aiport. If you’re lucky you’ll be able to catch a plane arriving or taking off which is always a unique experience!

The Great Siege Tunnels - Gibraltar Tours

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