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Gibraltar Skywalk

Breathtaking 360º views spanning three countries and two continents

Stand 340m directly above sea level on glass!

Stand 340m directly above sea level on glass!

Skywalk, Gibraltar

Gibraltar Tours

At the top of The Rock you can experience the breathtaking views from the glass viewing platform known as the Skywalk!

Inaugirated by none other than Star Wars legend Mark Hamill himself (Luke Skywalker), the Skywalk allows you to view 360º around Gibraltar, with a view across to Spain, as well as the views across the bay of Gibraltar and to Morocco, Africa.

The Skywalk stands at 340m above sea level, with a big drop below you on the glass platform, overlooking Sandy Bay beach. It's the perfect spot for a unique photo opportunity during your tour of Gibraltar too. It's also popular with the monkeys, so remember to keep your bags zipped and secure!

After visiting The Skywalk we have a very short walk up to The Ape's Den where you'll see the majority of the monkeys. This is where they are fed fresh fruit and vegetables, play in their pool, congregate on the walls and surroundings, and enjoy an afternoon snooze! During the months of May, June and July you'll also be able to see the new baby monkeys, as this is their birthing season.

Our experienced tour guides will be able to ensure you're safe around the monkeys and help you with any photo opportunities so you can record your special moments at the top of The Rock.

Tour Bookings

If you’re interested in experiencing the Gibraltar Skywalk you can book a tour via our website, or if you have any questions then please get in touch either through our contact form or Whatsapp.