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The Moorish Castle, Gibraltar

The Tower of Homage - Historic Significance

Built in 711 AD from The Moorish occupation

Built in 711 AD from The Moorish occupation

The Moorish Castle, Gibraltar

Gibraltar Tours

Our tours allow a unique experience of the Tower of Homage. From the outside you'll be able to see the battlescars from canon attacks over the years, from pirate attacks from the Bay of Gibraltar.

Inside you'll be able to navigate through the stairwells and experience the islamic architecture. From the top you'll enjoy incredible views of Gibraltar and to Spain. 

Gibraltar History

The Tower of Homage from The Moorish Castle can be seen by all visitors to Gibraltar, not only because of its striking construction, but also because of its dominant and strategic position on the north face of The Rock.

Constructed by the Marinid dynasty in 711 AD, The Moorish Castle is truly a unique piece of history on the Iberian Peninsula. The Moorish occupation is by far the longest in Gibraltar's recorded history, having lasted from 711 to 1309 and then again from 1333 to 1462, a total of 727 years.

The present Tower of Homage, and most of what is visible today of the Castle, was rebuilt during the second Moorish period of occupation in the early 14th century, after its near destruction during a reconquest of Gibraltar by the Moors following a re-occupation by Spanish forces from 1309 to 1333.

View of the Moorish Castle's northern defences as seen from the Grand Battery in 1879

Queen Charlotte's Battery at the Moorish Castle.

The Moorish Castle's Tower of Homage in Gibraltar

Tour Bookings

If you’re interested in experiencing the caves you can book a tour via our website, or if you have any questions then please get in touch either through our contact form or Whatsapp.