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World War II Tunnels

Adventure in the footsteps of Churchill...

A fortress within a fortress

A fortress within a fortress

World War II Tunnels, Gibraltar

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The most intensive phase of tunnelling in Gibraltar's history came during the Second World War, when the territory played a vital role in the North Atlantic and Mediterranean theatres. The total length of the tunnels increased greatly during the war, from 7 miles (11 km) to 25 miles (40 km).

Gibraltar World War 2 Tunnels

At the start of the war, the civilian population was evacuated and numerous new tunnels were excavated to create accommodation for the expanded garrison and to store huge quantities of food, equipment and ammunition.

You'll be able to walk through sections of these tunnels to see how the army's operations were carried out, where the soldiers slept and the rooms created for supplies and storage. Enjoy a headset and audio guide to truly take in all the history of these World War II tunnels.

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