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City Under Siege

18th century life during wartime

Historic Tales of Early British Settlers in Gibraltar

Historic Tales of Early British Settlers in Gibraltar

City Under Siege Exhibition

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The Great Siege of Gibraltar started on the 24th June 1779 and lasted 3 years. During this time the Spanish fleet blockaded Gibraltar, and it was only thanks to relief convoys that broke through that Gibraltar survived.
City Under Siege Exhibition Gibraltar Tour
With strict rationing and lack of supplies, many of the people and armed forces suffered greatly during this time, including a violent outbreak of scurvy amongst the defenders.
The siege was finally lifted on the 7th of February 1783 and resulted in a decisive victory for the British against overwhelming odds. The siege was a factor in ending the American Revolutionary War.

City Under Siege Exhibition, Gibraltar

This historic Gibraltar attraction is available on our Platinum Rock Tour. The City Under Siege Exhbition will allow you to step back in time to learn about the military of those days, punishments, order and how people survived under strict conditions. You'll also see 18th century carvings on the wall such as dates and grafitti from the time period. It truly is a unique experience and story of the early British struggles in Gibraltar and a testiment to the people, the army, and British navy of the day.

City Under Siege Exhbition Gibraltar 18th Century

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