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Silver Rock Tour

1 hr 45 mins

The perfect tour to see the main sights of Gibraltar! Enjoy the views from the Pillars of Hercules, wander through ancient caves, meet the monkeys close-up, brave the glass Skywalk viewing platform and finally explore The Great Siege Tunnels from 18th century Gibraltar!

The Most Popular Gibraltar Tour Experience

The Most Popular Gibraltar Tour Experience

Gibraltar Silver Rock Tour

Gibraltar Tours
  • Pillars of Hercules

  • St Michael's Cave

  • Top of the Rock Monkeys

  • Skywalk Glass Viewing Platform

  • The Great Siege Tunnels

The Silver Tour consists of 4 stops which takes approximately 1hr 45mins.

Gibraltar Tours - The Pillars of Herculyse

The Pillars of Hercules

The 1st attraction of this tour is the famous Pillars of Hercules. At the Pillars you will enjoy the magnificent views of North Africa, looking out across the sea. You will see where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea a view point above Europa Point.

Gibraltar Tours St Michael's Cave

St Michael's Cave

Next we'll drive up to explore St Michael's Cave! This is an amazing, natural, phenomenon which sees thousands of visitors a year wandering through its huge caverns.

Top of The Rock!

After this your private tour guide will drive you to The Top of the Rock where you will see breathtaking views of Gibraltar. Here we will spend some time with our famous Monkeys up close. You'll see them play together, where they eat, groom each other, and if you're lucky.. one might climb on your back making for some unique photo opportunities!

Gibraltar Tours - Skywalk

Skywalk Glass Viewing Platform

At The Top of the Rock you'll also be able to experience the Skywalk Glass Viewing Platform. Inaugurated by Star Wars star Mark Hamill, you'll be standing on sea-through glass above a huge drop admiring the east-side views of Gibraltar.

 Gibraltar Tours - The Great Siege Tunnels

The Great Siege Tunnels!

From there we will drive to the north side of the Rock to visit the Great Siege Tunnels, something not to be missed! This site explains a lot of the history of Gibraltar under siege in the 18th century. The tunnels are full of tales from the historic wars and information on how the tunnels were carved out and the stories behind the people involved in their use.

Historic Descent

Finally, on the drive down to your drop-off point, we'll see the outside of Moorish Castle and the old town of Gibraltar. This was a medieval fortification with a huge history with tales of wars, pirates and more!


Excellent tour of old town. Really good tour of Gibraltar Old Town. Our guide was very knowledgeable and answered any questions I asked. Highly recommended.

Giselle M


Excellent for the price. Excellent service at short notice, our driver Carl was very informative and adapted the schedule to suit us. Would highly recommend.



Must do! Kenneth was an incredible guide. A former teacher he has so much information and knowledge. It was one of the best days we had on vacation. I absolutely recommend taking this tour.


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