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Gibraltar Monkeys

Meet the wild monkeys of Gibraltar with our professional tour guides

Visit the famous Apes Den & Experience the Monkeys!

Visit the famous Apes Den & Experience the Monkeys!

Gibraltar Monkeys (Barbary Macaques)

Gibraltar Tours

Did you know that the Barbary macaques in Gibraltar are the only wild monkey population on the European continent? On our Rock Tours you'll be able to experience the monkeys playing, eating, sleeping and much more at the Ape's Den at the very top of the Rock of Gibraltar!

Gibraltar Tours - Gibraltar Monkeys - Apes Den

It's important to note that the monkeys are wild, so we take care to help our passengers know the do's and don'ts when interacting with them! You're in safe hands with our professional Gibraltar tour guides. The monkeys are usually the favourite part of our tours, and great for photo opportunities.

Gibraltar Tours - Gibraltar Monkeys - Apes Den

When driving up The Rock during a tour, it's possible some monkeys hitch a ride on the vehicle or cling on by the window. Many of the monkeys know our tour guides and use them for a cheeky ride!

There is also the legend that as long as Gibraltar Barbary macaques exist on Gibraltar, the territory will remain under British rule!

The Skywalk Glass Viewing Platform

The Ape's Den is also very close to The Skywalk, so you'll be able to experience both tourist attractions together. The Skywalk is a glass viewing platform that hangs over the East side of Gibraltar, offering spectacular views.

Gibraltar Tours - Gibraltar Skywalk - Glass Viewpoint

The Skywalk was inaugorated by none other than Mark Hamill, Luke Skywalker himself! When Mark Hamill visited Gibraltar our tour guides were actually booked to help transport the storm troopers to the top for the special event.

Gibraltar Skywalk - Gibraltar Tours

Tour Bookings

If you’re interested in experiencing the caves you can book a tour via our website, or if you have any questions then please get in touch either through our contact form or Whatsapp.