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St Michael's Cave, Gibraltar

Become immersed in geological history...

Immersive lightshow in a spectacular setting

Immersive lightshow in a spectacular setting

St Michael's Cave, Gibraltar

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St Michael’s cave is one of the most popular tourist sites in Gibraltar. One of the first stops on our rock tours, you’ll be greeted usually with a few monkeys hanging outside the gift shop and entrance to the cave!

The cave is illuminated with The Awakening show every 20 minutes to showcase St Michael’s cave throughout history with light animations for a truly unique experience as you walk through the chambers.

The name “St Michael’s Cave” comes from a similar grotto in Monte Gargano near the Sanctuary of Monte Sant'Angelo in Apulia, Italy, where the archangel Michael is said to have appeared!

Gibraltar Tours for St Michael's Cave, Gibraltar

The Gibraltar cave was created by rainwater slowly seeping through the limestone rock, turning into a weak carbonic acid which gradually dissolved the rock and creating the chambers we are able to experience today! There are also documents to prove that the cave was well known by the ancient world, including the ancient Greeks, Romans and Phoenicians!

Gibraltar is also the place with the first recorded evidence of Neanderthals in Europe too, as remains were found in some of the cave complexes, in a place called Gorham’s Cave.

Gibraltar Tours St Michael's Cave

Through the times, St Michael’s cave has been used for entertainment purposes in Gibraltar – even in the 19th century it would be decorated for events and festivities for weddings, parties and suchlike. The largest chamber (called the Cathedral Cave) acts as an auditorium. Today St Michael’s cave hosts concerts, speakers, comedians and many similar events.

Legend says the Ancient Greeks (who believed Gibraltar to be part of the Pillars of Hercules) believed that St Michael’s cave to be the gates of Hades!

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If you’re interested in experiencing the caves you can book a tour via our website, or if you have any questions then please get in touch either through our contact form or Whatsapp.