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Gibraltar Walks and Hiking Trails

Gibraltar Tourist Information

Gibraltar offers a variety of scenic walks and hiking trails that allow visitors to explore its natural beauty, historical sites, and unique landscapes. Here are some popular walks and hiking trails in Gibraltar:

  1. Mediterranean Steps: The Mediterranean Steps is one of the most well-known and challenging walking trails in Gibraltar. This steep and rugged path takes you up the eastern side of the Rock of Gibraltar, offering breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea, the African coast, and the surrounding area. The trail is approximately 2.5 miles long and is not recommended for beginners due to its strenuous nature.

  2. Upper Rock Nature Reserve: The Upper Rock Nature Reserve encompasses a network of walking trails and paths that wind through the natural beauty of Gibraltar's limestone terrain. These trails lead you to various points of interest, including St. Michael's Cave, the Apes' Den, and O'Hara's Battery. You can explore the reserve on foot and enjoy encounters with the famous Barbary macaques.

  3. Alameda Gardens: While not a traditional hiking trail, the Alameda Gardens in Gibraltar offer peaceful walks through lush greenery, exotic plants, and colorful flowerbeds. It's a serene escape within the city, featuring walking paths and benches for relaxation.

  4. The Great Siege Tunnels: The Great Siege Tunnels are a historical attraction, but they also offer an interesting walking experience. These tunnels, hewn from the rock during the Great Siege of Gibraltar, provide insights into the territory's military history. The pathways are well-lit and include informational plaques.

  5. Catalan Bay Promenade: The Catalan Bay Promenade offers a leisurely stroll along the eastern coastline of Gibraltar. It's a charming area with colorful houses and a traditional Mediterranean atmosphere. You can enjoy the sea views and stop at cafes and restaurants along the way.

  6. Rosia Bay and Ragged Staff: This walk takes you to Rosia Bay, a historical site where Admiral Lord Nelson's body was brought ashore after the Battle of Trafalgar. You can also continue to Ragged Staff, which offers beautiful coastal views.

Before embarking on any of these walks or hikes, it's advisable to check the trail conditions, wear appropriate footwear, and carry water and any necessary supplies (like suncream!). Additionally, some of these paths may have limited accessibility, so it's a good idea to confirm trail access and opening hours in advance.