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Gibraltar's Marinas

Gibraltar Tourist Information

Gibraltar has several marinas and harbours that cater to boating enthusiasts and provide facilities for both recreational and commercial vessels. Here's an overview of the marinas in Gibraltar:

  1. Marina Bay: Marina Bay is one of Gibraltar's premier marinas, located in the western part of the territory, near the border with Spain. It offers berthing facilities for a variety of vessels, from small boats to superyachts. The marina provides modern amenities, including restaurants, bars, and shops. It's a popular destination for yacht owners and tourists looking for a waterfront experience.

  2. Queensway Quay Marina: Queensway Quay Marina is another well-established marina in Gibraltar, located in the central area of the territory. It offers berths for smaller and medium-sized boats and yachts. The marina is surrounded by a mix of residential and commercial developments, making it a vibrant and convenient place for visitors.

  3. Ocean Village Marina: Ocean Village Marina is adjacent to the Ocean Village complex, which includes a casino, restaurants, bars, and shops. This marina is known for its lively atmosphere and is a popular spot for boaters and tourists. It accommodates a range of vessel sizes and provides various services and amenities.

  4. Harbour Views Marina: Harbour Views Marina is situated on the eastern side of Gibraltar and offers berthing facilities for boats and yachts. It's relatively quieter compared to some of the other marinas and provides a more serene atmosphere for those seeking a peaceful experience.

  5. Commercial Port: Gibraltar's commercial port also plays a significant role in maritime activities. It handles cargo shipments, cruise ship arrivals, and other maritime traffic. While it's not primarily a marina for recreational boaters, it's an essential part of Gibraltar's maritime infrastructure.

  6. Gibraltar Yacht Club: The Gibraltar Yacht Club is a private club with a clubhouse located in Queensway Quay. It serves as a gathering place for yacht owners and offers a range of social and boating-related events.

  7. Marina Services: Gibraltar's marinas provide various services to boaters, including fueling stations, waste disposal, electricity hook-ups, fresh water supply, and repair and maintenance facilities. Many also have customs and immigration services for international travelers.

  8. Regattas and Events: Gibraltar hosts a variety of sailing regattas and boating events throughout the year. These events attract participants and spectators from around the region and beyond, adding to the vibrant maritime culture of Gibraltar.

  9. Tourist Attractions: The marinas in Gibraltar are often frequented by tourists, and they offer opportunities for visitors to take boat tours, go dolphin watching, or simply enjoy the picturesque views of the Rock of Gibraltar from the water.

Gibraltar's marinas contribute to its reputation as a maritime hub in the Mediterranean and provide a range of services and recreational opportunities for both local residents and visitors who are passionate about boating and water-related activities.